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Horticulture amongst the Maori was widespread and it was hard work. However with great numbers to tend to their crops, fields, food estuaries, fishing grounds, tree and fern sites, bird and animal hunting grounds tended to daily without first consulting the leadership of the people. Many groups being quite large and small groups mainly because of isolation.

Utilize of resources both man power and nature power were used to the extreme in such that before any event could move their was always the spirit who had to be consulted  before anything could or would begin.

Reliance upon the priests of the day was indeed a big one in that nothing would move until that was done. The celebration, opening, launching, or even going into battle. The Spirit world was always consulted.

Video Library

There are many whanau and people who are just amazed how the Internet has opened huge doors used to promote and project their skills and energies on Presentations.

We have collected a few of whanau and people here to show you  how they are the using the Internet for this purpose. It is amazing and we have utilized its power as well to promote our Maori Food Kaupapa

A lot of these clips will be free because they are freely available online however where our skills are concerned connected to training  online, teaching and spreading the skills of many of our members.

There will be a fee or cost involved to help maintain this website and to fund Rangatahi I would like to see enter the hospitality industry.  BUT for now it is work on and get this website up and running to share the kaupapa and the knowledge so that you to could benefit from our work of passion in progress.  A sense of  pride. This service is continually upgraded with videos and audio so please check back for updates so nga Mihi

More to come

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Our People & Their Land
Our People & Their Land
Our People & Their Land

Gardening in Waipatu with Arohanui Lawrence
Gardening in Aunti Piki from Waimarama
Gardening at Heretaunga by Thomas Clarke
Farming in Tararua with Cathy Tait-Jamieson
Gardening at Waikaremoana with Dr Rose
Amazing people, their land, their passion
Gardening at Ohiti River Lodge with Kelly
Gardening at Kaiwhenua with Kaiwaka Riki
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