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Three Strands 20 Year Replanting Program

    Maara Kai  Rongoa  Raranga

Fortunately for us, Nga Hau E Wha O Papararangi is situated amongst a semi established native reserve where the hills have returned to their natural habitat of re-forestation. The hills in this area were cleared of all tree growth and established native trees for want of land to farm dairy and sheep in the last century to establish a self sustaining farming community. But due to the growth of Wellington city itself and the connecting of our rural areas across New Zealand. Farming in Wellington was reduced as more land was required for housing as the city grew and more people settled in the city. Green belt areas and researves have been set aside to allow a place in the city for our wildlife, birds and animals to live in their own environment closer to nature.  

Our plan is to replace and plant a new generation of trees and shrubs that the Maori people used for medicines, weaving and food and to strategically plant these for those purposes with trees that were once prominent and best suited to the area. The following is a list of those tree with links to their use insde our plan and other planted to replace those trees that grew here.